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This amazing event is part the largest religious festival in the world called The Kumbh Mela. It includes over 100 million people.

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The word Kumbh means pot and or pitcher. Mela means a festival and or fair. This Hindu festival of the Pot is related to the pot of nectar and or immortality.

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Apparently, a main goal of the festival is to join in a ritual purification bath to help wash away sins.

Old Delhi and new Delhi
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The festival has grown significantly over the years attracting Hindu pilgrims from around the world.

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The scale of this event is astounding. Imagine the entire population of NY state X5!, or more people than visit Disney World Each  YEAR in one place!

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As you can imagine an event of this size has some logistical problems. In fact, back in 1954 approximately 500 people were trampled to death at Kumbh Mela.

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Things are much better these days. In 2013 only 39 people were trampled to death.

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As one of the largest public events on the planet you can be sure to find all kinds of interesting situations.

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No worries through, this event has been going on for many years. Organizers have a plan for everything. They even have a Dead Body Disposal Policy just in case.


Visit the official  Kumbh Melasite at kumbhmelaallahabad.gov.in for more information on this amazing event.

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