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Jared  Passion Seal Vernal Castro Superman

Passion – “The Passion drew a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49 and 6.6 million viewers vs. Grease‘s 4.3 demo rating and 12.2 million viewers”

Batman vs Superman “There’s no time to ask permission when someone is falling off a skyscraper, or there’s no time to ask permission when the White House is exploding. You got to act”

Harvard Law School Seal – “Belonged to the Royall family, prominent slaveholders who helped endow the first law professorship at Harvard more than 200 years ago”

Vernal Equinox “The sunset point slows to a stop and then reverses direction the next day.”

Jared Fogle “Was essentially like the “forbidden fruit” and there were stern warnings about consequences if anyone laid a hand on him”

Fidel Castro “While his people suffered, Fidel Castro lived in comfort — keeping everything, including his eight children, his many mistresses, even his wife, a secret.