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We humans love cats. People all over the world use the internet to share everything they can about cats. Most of the information is wonderful, informative, educational and pure good fun. Cats are one of the most popular topics on the internet period. This makes perfect since cats give millions of people unconditional joy and love every day. So what is the problem?catlove

One of our readers has identified a disturbing trend in the world of online cat content. People are doing dark and twisted things to cats online. Things you would never imagine. Someone has to speak out about this injustice. We need to fight to protect our furry friends.

It all started with an innocent trend about animal reproduction. Many people breed animals professionally. Most video sites are populated with educational clips about animal breeding and reproduction. This content has slowly shifted from educational and scientific into a new form of pornography. A quick search on you tube will bring up all sorts of monstrous events in the world of animal breeding. You will find bisexual animal orgies, incest, and rape. The internet has become a library of depraved animal breeding videos on display for your children.

This dark trend has taken a turn for the worst. Sick people are launching a full attack on cat reproduction videos. They are vandalizing and molesting our furry friends. We need to fight back. These videos should be down voted or removed as soon as possible. People who make videos like this should be under medical supervision at all times. You will find two prime examples of this awful content in the videos below. Please do not play them in front of children and please join us in speaking out against this horrible violation of cats.